Agro Shade Nets

Agro Shade Net in Peenya
Agro Shade nets

Greenhouses project

Greenhouses allow for greater control over the growing environment of plants. Depending upon the technical specification of a greenhouse, key factors which may be controlled include temperature, levels of light and shade, irrigation, fertilizer application, and atmospheric humidity. Greenhouses may be used to overcome shortcomings in the growing qualities of a piece of land, such as a short growing season or poor light levels, and they can thereby improve food production in marginal environments. Greenhouses in hot, dry climates used specifically to provide shade are sometimes called "shadehouses"

Greenhouses Environment Control System form an important part of the agriculture and horticulture sectors in our country as they can be used to grow plants under controlled climatic conditions for optimum produce.

Appropriate micro-climate condition

Sufficient Heating

Grown Under Controlled Condition

Green house, under shades that allows only a diffuse light to pass through