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Agro Shade Nets

Business Prospective

In the field of Technical Textiles, agriculture is one of the end use sector of national interest. In the agricultural arena various textile base products are used, some are general purpose industrial application products and some are specialized structures exclusively designed for agricultural applications (Agro textiles). Agro shade net is one of the most popular product in India. Agro shade nets are used in horticulture, floriculture, green house/poly house, forestry and farming arena to protect plantation from the sun in order to ensure healthy plant growth and good harvest. The main agro shade net is a knitted fabric structure manufactured from polyethylene, Polypropylene polymer that is either tape or monofilament forms etc. Appropriate UV stabilizers are incorporated in base polymer so as to impart Ultra Violet stability property to the shade net structure.

Benefits to Farmers

  • Helps in cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants, medicinal plants, vegetables and spices.
  • Used for fruit and vegetable nurseries as well as for raising of forest species etc.
  • Helps in quality drying of various agro products.
  • Used to protect against pest attack.
  • Protects from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain, hail and frost.
  • Used in production of graft saplings and reducing its mortality during hot summer days.
  • Used for hardening tissue culture plantlets